Battery Wharf Hotel: Recent Reviews

Please check out these recent reviews of the Battery Wharf Hotel.

Battery Wharf Hotel workers are part of UNITE HERE Local 26, the union that went on strike against Marriott hotels in Boston last fall. Here are some reviews from the time of the strike.


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  1. jason
    jason says:

    Could you please shut up. Had some sympathy for you but why should people who’s homes are near by have to be awakened by you. Nobody is forcing you to work there you don’t like the pay quit.

  2. steve
    steve says:

    The funny thing is, no one gives a rats ass about these protestors. And they are collecting unemployment. So they are basically scum leaching off the system. Can’t wait until it’s -20 degrees and they give up bahahahahahah

  3. ThrowAwayName
    ThrowAwayName says:

    On a trip with my mother – she had originally booked Battery Wharf but we ended up leaving, thankfully. Strike on, y’all!! Get what you deserve!!

  4. Andrea
    Andrea says:

    Ahh the sweet silence of the north end. Glad these nitwits gave up LOL. Nice going! You solved a lot! LOL battery Wharf declared the winner!!! HOORAY!!!


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